Know the Importance of Wearing Silk Clothes for Puja

Silk clothes are part of our Indian tradition, So we all need to know the importance of wearing silk clothes for puja or different occasions.

Silk has got a prestigious place in Indian heritage and culture since the Pre-Vedic age. It is considered auspicious to wear silk clothes during puja in most Indian houses. Silk clothes are soft in nature, lustrous, and holds a prestigious place among all the textile fibers 

India is known for its immensely rich textile collection. It has the privilege of several collections of silk clothing materials. These comes in a variety of styles and designs. It includes Silk Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli, Dupattas for women and in men’s wear Dhoti, Sherwani, Shirts are more popular.

Importance of silk clothes

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In Indian heritage and culture silk clothes, has a lot of significance. Since ancient times the majority of Indians prefer to wear silk clothes for occasions like weddings, Pooja, and Homa. Here is the science behind wearing silk clothes for puja.

Silk clothes have the capacity to attract and store Electromagnetic energy. With the constant friction between the body and the silk clothes, there is a production of electric energy which gives rise to ‘Electro magnetic’ attraction.

According to Shastras, when a devotee performs pooja wearing silk clothes there is instant absorption of the energy which is then transmitted to the devotee, resulting in an instant feeling of calm. Silk clothing is also supposed to help maintain the vibrations generated during worship. Silk clothing also prevents the loss of these vibrations, which would work on the mind to sustain much-needed concentration.

Hence all over India whether Kannadigas for Varamahalakshmi Pooja Keralians for the Onam festival, Maharashtrians for Ganesh Pooja Bengalis for Durga puja prefer to do worship wearing silk clothes.

Why it is traditionally Indians wear silk clothes for puja?

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In India, silk clothes are more popular than any other clothing during the festive season. Silk clothes represents epitome of grace, elegance, culture, tradition and modernity. They are pure essence for Indian Culture and Heritage that goes back hundreds of year. It has Prized for thousands of years for its incredible softness, durability, and lustrous.

Among silk clothes, Silk sarees are more popular for all age groups of women and it is considered auspicious to wear silk clothes for puja or festival. Pure silk sarees are made with the finest quality of mulberry silk which is quite expensive and treated as luxury commodities.

Because of introduction of many modern styles and techniques, silk clothes and silk sarees now appeal to the tastes of the younger generation. Other Indian attire like Lehenga Choli, and Salwar-Kameez made of Silk material is more popular among the younger generation It is now considered to be fashionable and elegant to wear clothes made out of silk. Clothing made of silk is now considered fashionable and attractive. Among the men’s wear Kurta Pajama, Dhoti and Shirts are popular silk clothes to be worn during puja. Silk Dhoti or Lungi with gold Zari border worn by men during the traditional events are more popular in the southern part of India.

Silk clothes are indispensable to the wardrobe of every Indian woman and these are usually passed down to the next generation and are treated as family heirlooms.

Popular Sarees in Silk Clothing

  • Kanjeevaram Silk
  • Banaras Silk
  • Tussar Silk
  • Chanderi Silk
  • Maheshwari Silk
  • Patola Silk
  • Organza Silk and many more.

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