5 Silk Sarees from Bengal That Make Every Saree Diva Enthusiastic

If you are a silk saree lover and keen to explore what set you apart from the crowd, it has to be silk saree collections from Bengal. Almost every fashion diva is in love with silk sarees and the reason could be the variety and the versatility. Moreover, every saree from Bengal has a story to tell and has accolades from those who are passionate about stocking silk sarees in their wardrobe.
The good news is that you can buy sarees online to get your hands on truly unique pieces that won’t get in the physical stores. Be it the texture of the fabric or the pattern, the design of each silk saree from Bengal has a unique identity and is what women love to sport on casual as well as formal occasions. Now, what is your take on styling glamorously with silk sarees from Bengal?

5 Bengal silk sarees in Kolkata you may consider adding to your wardrobe

1. Baluchari Silk Sarees

Baluchari sarees date back about 200 years and get their name from a small village in Murshidabad called Baluchar. The sarees were primarily transported through the waterway of the Bhagirathi river and later the art of weaving this saree shifted to Bishnpur in Murshidabad.

The noted feature of Baluchari silk sarees is the depiction of mythological figures on the border and pallu. The other version of Baluchari is Swarnachari where the fabric is an off-white shade with golden threads on the border and pallu. These sarees are available in diverse shades where the thread used contrasts with the color of the body. The timeless elegance and intricate designs of Baluchari sarees make them a must-have for saree lovers

2. Bishnupur Katan Silk Sarees

Bishnupur katan orange printed silk sarees from Bengal

If you love silk sarees from Bengal, your wardrobe will not look replenished without Bishnupur katan silk sarees. Usually, these sarees are plain woven and contain threads of pure silk. The fabric gets its form when two are twisted together. One of the reasons why the katan sarees are much loved by today’s women is that they are soft and light. Moreover, the quality of this silk saree is one of the main features that attract fashion divas, especially those who are averse to wearing heavy silk sarees.

Team your Bishnupur katan silk with a cocktail blouse to sport an authentic look, be it in festivities, weddings, or parties. If you are searching for katan silk in the best saree shops in Kolkata and have yet to find one that is incredibly unique, you must have missed visiting the online boutique Dora By Phoenix. Here, you will find an exquisite collection of handpicked authentic silk sarees sourced directly from local artisans, ensuring that each piece is different from the others.

3. Murshidabad Silk Sarees

Murshidabad white printed silk saree

Murshidabad has a rich history behind it, and one of the other reasons why women recognize this state readily is the sarees they produce. Murshidabad Silk comprises the finest quality mulberry sill sarees with unique prints on them. The sarees from yesteryears used to have gold zari, but today you find more prints, and the sarees are relatively softer and easier to drape. No wonder women find them equally good for office parties and weddings. Search for printed silk sarees online and get your hands on a large variety of Murshidabad silk sarees with equally versatile prints.

4. Tussar Silk Sarees from Bengal

white printed tussar silk saree

Tussar silk sarees are not typically from Bengal, but the ones produced in this state have unique weaves and are known for their distinct styles. Today, these sarees are available in versatile prints and gold zari borders that carry a traditional hint and are yet contemporary. From casual get together to formal occasions, tussar silks from Bengal are a must-have for every saree lover

5. Jamdani Silk Sarees

The popularity of Bengal Jamdani silk is known to all. Usually, these sarees blend cotton and silk but you can get full silk sarees too. The elevated feel that these sarees create is seen as a form of expression by Bengali women. One of the reasons this silk saree is preferred apart from the designs and colors is the eco-friendly making.

So, you had a close look at a few silk sarees from Bengal that represents the cultural heritage of the state. If you want to sport a traditional and authentic silk saree in Kolkata, you must know the value of the craftmanship of this state and flaunt silk sarees on traditional occasions and contemporary parties.