20+ Traditional to Modern Saree Draping Style Ideas for Wedding

Are you a fan of wearing sarees, and tired of draping it in the same way every time?  Looking for a unique and elegant saree draping style? Read the article below to find out how to drape saree in unique and unusual way to look different for any upcoming events like wedding, reception, party and make head turns.

Sarees are a timeless piece of clothing that have become more refined, elegant, and suitable for any occasion with a modern twist. It’s all because of fashion designers’ innovative thinking and creative fashion stylists, who are introducing new and distinct forms of saree draping into the ever-growing industry. From Bollywood stars to actual brides, everyone wants to know how to wear a saree in a unique way. Experimenting with various saree styles has become quite trendy in today’s fashion.

Traditional Saree Draping Styles

If you are searching for traditional saree draping style ideas for weddings, receptions, and other grand occasions, then stay tuned! We have got some amazing and comfortable wearing styles and ideas, that can make you look effortlessly stunning and sure to make head turns.

1. Silk Saree Draping Style with Side Dupatta

silk saree draping style for wedding
@Instgram/Anju Modi

To create this traditional saree look, you need to drape the saree in a normal way and add a contrast or matching resham dupatta on a side shoulder. The drape gives you a traditional look and makes the perfect attire for a daytime wedding.

2. Front Pallu Saree Drape with Resham Dupatta

wedding saree draping style
@Instgram/Anju Modi

The front pallu saree drape makes anyone look classy and stylish, to add that extra spice one can drape a velvet dupatta over the one-side shoulder as shown in the picture below. This saree draping style is a great option for a traditional wedding event.

3. Double Saree Draping Styles

half saree draping style
@Instgram/Anju Modi

4. Front Pallu Saree Draping Style

front pallu saree draping style
@Instgram/Anju Modi

5. Silk Dhoti Style Saree Drape

traditional dhoti saree draping
@Instgram/Anju Modi

6. Saree Wearing with Jacket Bouse

traditional wedding saree draping
@Instgram/Anju Modi

Unique and Modern Saree Draping Styles

Here we have put together list of modern and exclusive saree draping style ideas for different occasions of wedding activities like reception, sangeet, mehendi and other events related to wedding functions. You can pick these styles as guest outfit for your friends or relative’s wedding. If you are a bridesmaid or sisters of bride these saree styling ideas are great options for you to try for upcoming wedding events.

7. Gown Style Saree Draping for Wedding

gown style saree draping

8. Unique Saree Draping Style for Reception

modern saree draping for wedding

9. Indo-Western Saree Draping Style

indo-western saree draping style

10. Belt Style Saree Draping for Casual Look

Katrina Kaif's simple saree wearing style

Add this trendy saree style to your collection and redefine your fashion boundaries. The trend of wearing a belt over a saree is currently popular among Bollywood stars and young people. The belt will not only secure your saree but it will also add an Indo-western touch to your look.

You can experiment with different belt styles to create your own look. Depending on the occasion, you could choose a leather belt, embroidered belt, or metallic belt to raise your fashion game a notch higher. So, if you’re looking for a stylish and fashionable look, then this belt saree drape is definitely a good pick for you.

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11. Dhoti Saree Drape for Indowestern Look

dhoti saree draping style

This is another different saree draping style. The classic dhoti pants saree is incredibly comfortable for days when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of wearing flashy and difficult clothing. This draping technique highlights your curves while still making a stylish statement.

To get this look, all you need to do is wear a saree with pencil pants or leggings rather than a petticoat for better drape The dhoti pants have a loose silhouette that enhances the look of your saree and can be worn with a plain saree and a printed or embroidered top.

12. Latest Saree Wearing Style

Shilpa Shetty's latest saree drape
@instagram/Punitbalan official

If you are looking for the latest saree-wearing style for mehandi occasion then take a cue from beautiful actress Shilpa Shetty’s saree styling idea! Her pre-draped leheriya saree in hues of pink, green, grey, and ochre, with an olive green palla is an inspiration for you to pick an ideal mehandi outfit for an upcoming wedding event.

For this style, you need to get your old or new lehariya saree pre-stitched with a contrast palla and pair it with your favorite embroidered blouse you might already have in your closet or go for a new marodi work blouse. For belts, you can buy a readily available lace embroidered belt from the market or handcraft one yourself and style it together with your saree and blouse for any occasion and make head turns.

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13. Palazzo Style Saree Drape to Look Slim

Kiara Advani's palazzo saree draping style

The stylish palazzo saree drape is a uniquely styled outfit for those who feel Plus-Sized Clothing has very limited options. For plus-size ladies, the idea of tight, fitted clothing may be quite daunting, and you may decide that pant sarees aren’t for you. Palazzo adds flow to your ensemble and makes it work for you. Stick to darker colors as they give a slimmer appearance to plus-size women.

14. Drape Saree Over the Sharara

Shilpa Shetty in sharara saree drape

For a fuss-free style, you can wear a fashionable sharara with a blouse and a dupatta. To create a simple and attractive look, drape your dupatta over your shoulders like a pallu. If you don’t want to mess up with six yards of elegance, you can choose this comfortable and gorgeous sharara saree.

To enhance this look you can wear jewelry like a beautiful contemporary choker, ear hoops, and bracelets and make head turns.

15. Unique Saree Drape With Double Palla

double palla saree draping style

If you are looking for a unique and innovative saree draping style then you can go for a pre-drape saree with double palla arrangements and amp it up with a waist-defining signature jewel-toned belt.

Pre-draped sarees are very simple to drape, comfortable to wear throughout any occasion, and convenient to carry all day long.

16. Ruffle Saree Drape

different saree drape with ruffle organza saree

Ruffle sarees are stylish and great in trend now, and they are perfect for your friend’s wedding because they are easy to wear, make you look like a diva, and enhance your overall look.

This saree drape is perfect for pre-wedding functions like engagement, and sangeet ceremonies, and is also a trendy outfit for the bridesmaid.

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17. Jacket Style Saree Drape for Party Look

katrina kaif's modern saree draping style

Jackets with sarees have been popular for a long time. This design is still popular, and wearing a saree with a jacket can give you a great presence. 

18. Lehenga Saree Draping Style

lehenga saree-draping-style
@tarun tahilini

Lehenga sarees are both stylish and comfy, making them the perfect go-to attire for the wedding season! Wearing a lehenga saree has been popular for a long time, but every year with new fusion techniques and skills this trend continues to evolve to add more glamour.

Lehenga saree drapes are very easy to style, unlike traditional sarees, these are draped around a gorgeous or trendy skirt. This is a great attire to wear for the sangeet night or wedding reception.

19. Modern Saree Draping with Peplum Blouse

party modern saree draping with peplum blouse

Wearing a saree with a peplum blouse makes you look stylish and adds a contemporary touch to your overall look. With a stylish peplum blouse, you can experiment with different saree drapes for various occasions to create stunning looks. The saree drape is a perfect blend of traditional and modern trends, making it a stylish Indo-western outfit for any special occasion.

20. Indo-Western Saree Drape for Cocktail Party

Shilpa Shetty's modern saree draping style.

If you love to experiment with different saree drapes, you should try something similar to Shilpa Shetty’s indo-western styling; she has paired it up with a kaftan style blouse with tie-up detailing on the shoulder and enhanced further with a beautiful, embellished waist belt. The blouse’s mid-length sleeves, loose fit, and V neckline give the outfit a modern look. The drape is perfect for a cocktail party

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21. Saree Wearing with Cape-Style Blouse

saree draping with cape

If you want to give your clothing a more Indo-western feel, go for this style. Wear your saree with a cape for a contemporary look. It’s one of the easiest methods to dress up a plain saree without playing with the draping style. You can imitate this style as a guest outfit for your family or friends’ wedding or reception.