Light as a Feather: 7 Must Have Lightweight Silk Sarees for Every Occasion

Lightweight silk sarees are one of the great choices to wear during grand occasions as these are incredibly lightweight and soft in texture that made it is easy and super comfortable to carry during any occasion.


Saree is one of the most elegant and traditional Indian attire that every woman across the country loves to drape during any occasion. Whether it is a wedding, reception, festival, or any religious ceremony every woman looks forward to adorning herself in traditional Indian silk sarees, but when it comes to selecting a saree for grand occasions women always think of elegant and comfortable sarees that they can easily drape and carry for long hours. For such concerns, you don’t go for heavy sarees, but certainly, you can opt for lightweight silk sarees and look fabulous in them.

Lightweight silk sarees are very easy to drape and comfortable to carry and make a great option to wear during grand occasions as these are available with many different fabrics, designs, and concepts, there are many fashion designers who have come up with new ideas and designs, that are not only great to look, but also make comfort to wear.

These sarees have become a favorite for many Bollywood actresses and they choose to wear these for occasions like weddings, parties or film promotions, etc. Here we have come up with some amazing lightweight silk saree ideas which serve as ideal solutions for your concern for heavy occasions.

Handloom chanderi silk saree

  • Chanderi silk is a traditional ethnic saree and is famous for its lightweight, sheer texture, and rich elegance. The Chanderi sarees originate from a small town, Chanderi, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • They are highly comfortable due to their lightweight, soft, and sheer texture, and they are perfect for those who prefer lightweight clothing and add glamour to their look.
  • Chanderi sarees are a favorite choice of many celebrities like Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone, and Anushka Sharma, seen wearing them at many events.
  • The presence of gold and silver zari in the weave of the saree, and the type of artwork, give royal elegance and a luxurious feel to the wearer.
  • These are usually available in pure silk, cotton silk, and cotton chanderi, and also come in many different shades, from pastel to darker shades like off-white, pink, green, orange, and blue.
  • If you intend to wear it in the daytime, pastel shades look soothing and glamorous. For evening wear, darker shades like green and blue go well. You can also choose according to your skin complexion and the makeup you intend to wear.
  • Beautiful Chanderi saree comes with a broad to very thin zari border. It also comes with the traditional motif of flowers, peacock design, lotus design, and contemporary geometric patterns.

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chanderi lightweight silk saree

Organza silk saree - Lightweight silk saree for wedding

  • Organza silk sarees are sheer, plain, woven fabrics that are traditionally manufactured from silk. Its smooth and delicate appearance gives a luxurious statement look to the wearer.
  • As these sarees are lightweight, breathable, and easy to carry on any occasion, they have become the favorite choice for most women across the world. Organza is one such fabric that has won the favor of fashion designers to Bollywood’s diva stars.
  • It is one of the most stylish and trending great now, most of the celebrities across India have rocked organza sarees. Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, and Katrina Kaif opted for these classic and elegant organza sarees for different events like weddings, receptions, and award events, and they really made these sarees popular.
  • These sarees are available in many different styles such as Banarasi Organza, Kanchi Organza, Kora Silk Organza, etc all of them make a great option to wear during grand occasions like weddings, festivals, or religious ceremonies, etc.
lightweight organza silk saree
Kangana wears lightweight pink silk saree

Tissue Silk Saree - Lightweight saree for reception

  • Tissue silk saree is one of the most elegant and rich-looking saree, an all-time favorite saree for young girls to mid-aged women. These are well known for their luster, transparent appearance, and metallic shine.
  • These are woven with silver and gold yarns and are sometimes interlaced with beautiful and intricate motifs that enhance the beauty of the saree.
  • Tissue sarees are incredibly lightweight and soft in texture, making them easy and super comfortable to carry on any occasion.
  • For a traditional look, you can pair a tissue saree with either traditional gold or silver jumkas, chand baalis, or a minimal choker necklace and tie your hair into a low bun or French hair bun, and you are sure to stun everyone with your traditional attire.
  • For a stylish look, pair it up with a high-neck or collared blouse that suits your personality. Enhance your outfit with polki(precious or semiprecious) or contemporary jewelry to stand out from the crowd. Whatever style you choose should complement your personality without overpowering it.
  • These sarees usually make a great option for wedding functions, parties, and festivals. This saree is a must-have piece in your ethnic closet as it is super easy to wear and comfortable to carry on any occasion.

Handloom jamdani Silk saree

  • Jamdani sarees are known for their delicate designs and supreme quality. It is a traditionally handwoven saree taking its name from its place of origin in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jamadani is mainly woven using the finest muslin cotton fibers. Sometimes it is also made using silk fibers along with cotton, which is known as cotton silk jamdani.
  • The designs woven onto the jamdani saree are very intricate and smooth. This authentic handwoven saree comes with fabulously rich motifs in geometric designs and floral patterns. The motifs or designs are woven in a contrasting shade to the base of the fabric and are usually woven with silver, gold, maroon, white, blue, and green colored thread.
  • The fabric of a jamdani saree is lightweight, soft, porous, and transparent, making it extremely comfortable to wear in any climatic condition. It is a great choice for puja, festivals, and religious ceremonies.
  • For a classic and royal statement look, you can opt for this handloom jamdani saree and pair it with a self-colored or contrast blouse for a sober and elegant look. You can also add minimal antique jewelry to stand out on special occasions.
  • Jamdani is special handloom sarees loved by many Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka  Chopra, Vidya Balan, and Shilpa Shetty, who choose to wear beautiful jamdani saree during many events and functions.

Tussar Silk Saree

Tussar Silk also known as Kosa Silk, is mainly produced on a large scale in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar. Tussar silk sarees are quite textured and much lighter than any other silk sarees.

The tussar silk sarees usually come in natural shades like beige, cream, light grey, brown, and honey with zari or colored border and pallu. These are often dyed with bright and vibrant shades like pink, green, mustard yellow using natural dyers from different sources of flowers to give the saree a rich and elegant look.  

Beautiful eye-catching floral designs inspired by nature, Madhubani art, paisley design, or kalamkari motifs are woven across the pallu and borders are the most popular design pattern on these tussar silk sarees.

More about tussar silk saree

  • These sarees are much lighter than any other silk saree and are one of the most convenient fabrics to drape. Women who are not good at pleating or draping can easily drape this saree.

  • They are extremely comfortable to wear because they are lightweight, airy, and porous. Their breathable nature makes them cooler compared to other silk sarees, especially during hot weather or in the summer.

  • Because of its unique thermal property, wearing a saree during winter keeps you warmer, and during summer it gives you a cool, comfortable feeling.

  • These come in impressive shades of colors and designs. You can pair a lighter shade with a plain silk or brocade blouse in a contrasting color and make a statement on any occasion.

  • Tussar silk sarees are best-suitable for women of all age groups. They provide a comfortable fit and complement the beauty of those with a heavier waistline. Choosing the right color and pattern can enhance your beauty and personality. For those having a good figure, these sarees are a great drape and add a rich elegance.

  • For a stylish look, you can always pair these sarees with a beautiful antique necklace or contemporary jewelry like a ruby or jade necklace to turn heads on any occasion.

Deepika in lightweight silk saree
@instagram/Deepika Padukone

Maheshwari silk saree

  • The Maheshwari saree is another soft and lightweight saree, widely known for its sheer and glossy finish. It originates from Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. These authentic sarees are available in light and vibrant colors with beautiful silver or gold zari borders and motifs.
  • These sarees are one of the most elegant and classy-looking drapes because of their sheer and glossy finish, which gives a traditional elegance and luxury feel to the wearer.
  • Because of their lightweight and airy nature, they are the best choice for any time of the year for the style and comfort they offer.
  • You can pair these lightweight sarees with a beautiful matching or contrast silk blouse for a stylish and elegant look.
  •  They are available in both silk and cotton blend; silk is perfect for occasions like festivals, weddings, and pooja ceremonies, while cotton blend saree is suitable for casual wear or everyday workwear.

Pochampally silk saree

  • Pochampally silk is a traditional handwoven saree that originates from Bhoodan Pochampally, Telangana state, India. They are famous for their traditional geometric pattern and ikkat style designs.
  • The globally reputed Pochampally silk is known for its lightweight and superior quality, which makes it a great option for summer or hot weather conditions.
  • These sarees come with impressive bright colors and colorful geometric designs and motifs all over. 
  • For a traditional look, one can pair it with a plain contrast blouse, put a low bun adorned with jasmine or rose flowers, and complete the look with a simple, elegant choker and earring and look fabulous among the crowd.
  • These are best suitable for women of all body types. Whether you are a slim lady or have a heavier waistline, they give a comfortable fit, complement your beauty, and make you look great for any occasion.

Tips to keep in mind

  • These beautiful, lightweight silk sarees can be styled more elegantly with a designer blouse and accessories.
  • Accessorize your saree wisely. So you can choose traditional or contemporary designer jewelry that suits the occasion and time of the event.
  • Draping the saree properly makes a huge difference to your look. So always pay attention to draping it neatly for a beautiful appearance.
  • If you opt for heavy earrings, avoid wearing a heavy necklace to maintain balance.
  • To maintain the luster and sheen of the silk sarees, get them dry-washed and ironed, and always need to wrap them in a cotton cloth or bag to keep them fresh.

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