Why Chanderi Silk is good for summer?

Clothing made of chanderi silk is good for summer season because it is extremely lightweight and soft in texture, making it easy to carry throughout any event while also helping to beat the heat.

Origin: Chanderi is one of the most traditional handloom fabrics which has got its name from the small town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. The fabric is handcrafted by the traditional skilled weavers from generations, they produce fabrics by weaving in silk and cotton with intricate details of zari in traditional cotton yarn that gives the sheer texture to it.

chanderi silk for summer
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Special features about chanderi silk

The Chanderi is known for  

  • Lightweight
  • Glossy appearance
  • Smooth texture
  • Breathable property

Because of these characteristics, clothes made of chanderi textiles are the best preferable to wear throughout the summer or in any hot climate to keep you cool and comfortable.

Its breathability and temperature regulating capabilities keep our body cool. It does not stick to our skin readily, allowing us to stay dry and fresh. It is a popular fabric because it is sheer, pleasant, and feels luxurious on the skin. For this reason, it is one of the ideal summer fabrics for beating the heat.

Colors and shades of chanderi silk for summers

Chanderi fabric comes in three different types: pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and silk cotton and it comes in a variety of colors ranging from pastels to dark such as off-white, powder pink, powder blue, deep pink, green, and blues, and so on.

During summer or any time of the year, if you plan to wear it throughout the day, pastel tones are great and give you a calming and glamourous appeal.You can wear deeper colors like green or blue in the evening.

Prints and motifs

The special about chanderi fabric is its beautiful handwoven prints and motifs embellished on the fabric. Motifs on the textiles, such as paisley, flowers, trees, birds are generally inspired by nature giving us another reason to choose this fabric for our summer outfit.

Fashion connection

Traditionally, Chanderi was used mainly to weave a nine-yard saree only. But now, with advancement in the fashion industry along with a fusion of traditional and modern weaving techniques, Chanderi fabric is adored by many fashion designers to create all sorts of ethnic, western, indo-western outfits like tunics, and tops, gowns, and many more.

The fabric’s sheen, high quality, and light texture captivate the creative minds of India’s design elite. Fashion models are frequently seen in prominent fashion shows wearing Chanderi outfits. In movies and film-related events, prominent Bollywood actresses have been seen wearing Chanderi Sarees and various ensembles during summers and also other times of the year.

In recent days, Actress Alia Bhatt was adorned in white floral printed Chanderi silk during the promotions of “Gangubai Kathiawadi”. The look was perfectly curated for summer fashion.

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Katrina Kaif looks stunning in maroon chanderi cotton silk saree with beautiful flower designs that is ideal for summer fashion.

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For summer fashion, we have gathered some cute chanderi outfit ideas. you might try something similar to these clothes to seem trendy this year.

@instagram/Varun Bhal
@instagram/Varun Bhal

Conclusion: So, on that note, I’d say it’s a great fabric for summer and other seasons as well, but it’s especially good for humid weather because it keeps you cool and comfortable. So if you want to go for lighter dresses for the summer season then Chanderi clothing is one of the great options that you can opt for.


What is a Chanderi saree?

Chanderi silk is a traditional ethnic saree and it is one of the oldest hand-woven textile. Chanderi sarees are is known for their light weight, sheer texture, and rich elegance. The Chanderi sarees are named after the little town of Chanderi in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Chanderi fabric gets its shimmering gloss from the weaving of silk and golden Zari into conventional cotton yarn. Pure silk, chanderi cotton, and silk cotton are the three most common materials used to make a Chanderi saree.

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