Top 10 Best Summer Fabrics to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Summer is upon us and if you are thinking about which fabrics are suitable for this season and what are the right fabrics to pick? Then you’ve come to the right place; in this article, I’ve put together a list of 10 summer fabrics that helps to stay cool and comfortable in hot weather.

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Best fabrics for summers you must know

Summer is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll wear. Summers may be hard on our clothes because it’s an officially sweaty season, so choosing your materials carefully before restocking your summer wardrobe is essential.

As the temperature rises, the need for comfort rises with it. Lightweight fabrics like cotton, khadi, linen silk are essential for summer days since they keep you cool and comfortable. Summer is all about bright and pastel colors, so look your best with these stunning and refreshing summer materials In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best summer fabrics to assist you in making your selection for summer collections.

Cotton : To keep you cool in summer

Cotton is one of the most popular natural breathable fabric for summer. Clothes made of cotton are soft, light, and airy, making them ideal for hot weather.

During hot weather, we should wear cotton clothes because we generally sweat a much! This occurs because our body tries to maintain a constant body temperature by releasing water from the skin, which is referred to as perspiration.

Cotton is a highly absorbent fabric and it promotes greater air circulation, which helps in the absorption and evaporation of body moisture caused by sweat. For this reason, it is one of the greatest materials to wear in summer.

Cotton also protects us from bacteria and fungus. Cotton is beneficial to persons with sensitive skin since it reduces the severity of allergic reactions. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, tend to trap moisture and can cause rashes, skin hypersensitivity, and body odor.

Style tip


Working women can choose to wear light-colored shirts with crisp cotton shirts and pencil skirts. For an ethnic look, cotton salwar suits with phulkari, and chikan Kari are great. College-going girls can wear cotton Kurtis with cotton palazzo or pencil pants. For a casual look, there are a lot of options available you can opt for cotton jumpsuits, crop tops, cotton skirts, and many other fashion outfits and feeding mother also can opt for cotton dresses during hot weather.


For a formal look, we suggest cotton shirts. Cotton pants and cotton shirts can be worn together to keep you cool and dry. You can also wear cotton tees in light colors for a casual look that will make you feel cool and sophisticated.

Linen : Breathable fabric for summer

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax fiber. Because of its soft, light, breathable property, it is another great choice to wear in hot summer. The fabric is two or three times stronger than cotton and has excellent heat conductivity. This is the most breathable fabric available in the market and ideal fabric for summer clothing. 

Due to its unique weave and properties of flax fibers, linen fabric is naturally breathable allowing air to circulate between the fibers which allow heat to escape from the body.

It quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture, keeping you cool and dry.  This indicates that wearing linen clothing rather than synthetic apparel keeps you cooler in summer.

Another great feature is that it doesn’t cling to your body, even while you’re sweating, and it stays softly away from the skin without looking rigid, ensuring that you stay dry.

Style tip


For ethnic style, you can choose to wear linen palazzo with Kurti, salwar suit or saree, which will keep you cool and comfortable. For western style you can pair linen palazzo tees or shirts, a linen skirt with crop tops will be a great option for summer.


A fresh pastel hue linen shirt and matching trousers will be good for formal look Linen shirts are versatile enough to be worn from the office to the playground. White linen pants and a blue T-shirt can also be worn for a casual look.

Khadi : Eco-Friendly fabric for summer

Khadi is great fabric for summer as it is a light and airy fabric that will keep you cool in the heat climatic condition. This handspun skin-friendly and organic fabric is perfect for Indian temperature and keeps the wearer cool in the summer. Khadi is a skin-friendly fabric that ‘breathes’ and is made without chemicals.

Style tip

Women :

Women can choose to wear a khadi saree, Kurtis for both casual and occasion look

Men :

Khadi shirts and kurta-pajama are great options for men’s casual or occasion wear

Silk : Gentle for Skin

Silk is an excellent fabric that can be worn both in the summer and the winter. Its antimicrobial feature allows for proper airflow while also making it comfortable to wear. It readily regulates the temperature and is thus an excellent pick every time.

Because of their absorbent characteristics, Silk clothes are a great choice for the hot summer months. It would quickly absorb and dry moisture, making you feel super comfy and luxurious.

Style tip


A Silk shirt with trousers or a skirt would be stylish for an office look and a silk saree, or silk lehenga choli would be elegant for weddings or festivals. If you’re attending a family gathering, the stylish silk salwar suit is also an option. If you prefer a western dress, pair a silk midi skirt or palazzo pants with a button-down shirt or tank top will make you appear stunning and attractive.


For the summer wedding or festival, you pick pure silk kurta pajamas or dhoti with a shirt or kurtas. For the reception, we suggest wearing a silk shirt with formal pants is great to beat the heat waves.

Chanderi : Light Fabric for summer

Chanderi is lightweight, glossy look, smooth texture, and breathable fabric; because of this reason, it is perfect to wear throughout the summer or in any hot area to keep you cool and comfortable.

Due to its breathable and temperature regulating properties chanderi fabric keeps our body cool and comfortable during summer. It does not readily adhere to our skin, allowing us to stay dry and fresh. It is a popular fabric since it’s light, airy, and delightful to wear. As a result, it’s one of the best summer materials for keeping cool.


Chanderi silk sarees, lehengas, and Anarkali are good to wear during a summer wedding. For casual look semi silk or cotton, Chanderi Kurti is preferable to wear during summer.


Pure Chanderi kurtas are good for a summer wedding and reception look.

Organza Silk: Soothing material

Organza clothes are very much in trend these days. It is a sheer, smooth and breathable fabric traditionally made from silk. It is another best fabric which help you to stay comfort during humid condition.

Organza clothes have become popular among celebs. Organza is a very light and airy fabric that makes it ideal fabrics for summer.

Style tip


Organza saree, and lehenga would be a great pick for wedding or festival events. Wear an organza gown or a skirt with an elegant shirt for a party appearance.

Chiffon : Soft fabric for Summer

Chiffon is a fabric originally made from silk and but in today’s day, it is blended with polyester to make it cost-effective. Chiffon is an extremely lightweight, sheer fabric, and easy to wear fabric.

It is one of the best fabric for humid weather because it is soft, smooth and breathable that makes you stay cool on hot summer days

Style tip

Women :

There are a lot of varieties available in chiffon clothing, for office going women chiffon saree, would be a great choice. chiffon. For casual or party looks one can opt for chiffon dresses like gowns, sharara with Kurtis, and many more.

Cotton Lace : Breathable fabric for summer

Cotton Lace is a fashionable summer fabric made of linen, silk, cotton, and other materials. The close-knit pattern allows for proper air circulation in the outfit.      

It is available in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors. It usually requires a lining, yet it is a very comfortable and stylish cloth to wear. The fabric is suitable for both everyday and special occasions. This is a very prevalent fashion fabric in India, and it’s used to make both traditional and western clothes. The fabric’s pricing ranges from affordable to premium.

Style tip

Lace is a delicate fabric with a feminine touch, making it ideal for women’s wear. Wearing a lace crop top with high waist skirt makes you look fashionable and elegant.

One can also pair a lace crop top with denim shorts or a skirt for a stylish look. You can also go for lace-off-shoulder tops, skirts, and dresses to keep you cool this summer. When wearing lace clothes, be sure to use suitable innerwear.

Lawn : Baby Soft Fabric

Lawn is semi sheer, light-weight, and smooth textured fabric that has gained popularity in recent years. Because this fabric is soft and breathable, it is ideal for summer clothing.

This fabric is light and soft, making it easy to carry and ideal for summer wear because it can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. Lawn is also gentle for the skin and prevents from any allergic reactions.       

Style tip


Lawn fabrics can be used to make Kurtis, shararas, shirts, and many more. As this is a versatile fabric, it can be used to create a variety of silhouettes.


For summer, lawn kurtas great option.


Seersucker is a lightweight cotton fabric with a puckered look generated by weaving the fibers at different speeds on twin-beam looms. This technique provides the fabric with its signature look and feel! The alternating smooth and coarse stripes form pockets of space, allowing for better air circulation and breathability.

Seersucker is the best fabric for hotter weather because of its wavy surface and lightweight cotton. The loose weave creates more space between the fabric and your body, allowing for better airflow.

Style tip


Seersucker shirts and trousers are great for a casual look in summer.


It’s used to make trousers, shirts, jackets, shorts, and suits. It’ll be available in blue, white, and light blue, as well as a variety of other colors and patterns, including checkered and striped patterns.

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So, on that note, I’d say these fabrics are perfect for Indian summers and great for humid weather because clothes made of these fabrics keep you cool and comfortable. So if you want to go for breezy fabrics for the summer season then these materials are great options for.


Is polyester good for summer wear?

Polyester is not recommended for use in the heat. It is a man-made synthetic material that is not preferable to wear in humid weather. It is a non-breathable fabric that does not absorb sweat well. Wearing polyester clothing in the summer will make you hot and sticky, which will be uncomfortable.

Is silk good for summers?

Silk is a light and breathable fabric. Its temperature regulating property keeps you cool in summer and warm in the winter making it ideal for both seasons.

Silk clothing is a great choice for the hot summer months due to its absorbent properties. It would quickly absorb and dry moisture, leaving you feeling extremely comfortable and pampered.

Which silk is best in summer?

For the summer season, for a flexible and comfortable feel, you need to choose the right fabric which makes you feel light and comfy!

Chanderi, Tussar, Organza, and Cotton Silk are excellent choices for hot weather because they are lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for this season.