32+ Simple to Heavy Puff Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees | Pattu Sarees

Explore the latest and most popular puff blouse designs for silk sarees that will make you look elegant, and stylish, and catch everyone’s attention on any occasion.

Puff blouse designs are a great way to add a classic touch of elegance and a feminine look to traditional attire, and they are perfect to pair with any saree. Puff sleeves give the blouse volume and drama, making it a versatile and beautiful option for special occasions. Usually, these sleeves are made from the same or similar fabric as the saree and are embellished with delicate embroidery using beads, threads, zardozi, etc.

There are a wide variety of designs and style options available in puff hand blouses. While selecting the puff pattern for your silk or Pattu sarees, always keep in mind these points.

  • The occasion you are wearing it for, your body type, and your personal style. And the blouse style should complement your saree and make you look elegant.
  • It is also important to consider the color and pattern of the saree. A simple or light embellished puff blouse works well with a heavily designed or bright-colored saree. On the other hand, a puff blouse with intricate embroidery or design looks great with a simple or light-colored saree.
  • Another important thing to consider is the fit and style of the blouse as well. Make sure the puff pattern you choose accentuates your personal style and fits you well. A puff sleeve that is too tight or loose can make you feel uneasy and can spoil the overall appearance of the saree.

If you are searching for a trendy and latest puff blouse to pair with your favorite silk saree, you landed at the right place. In this post, we have gathered a collection of stunning blouse designs that will help you to find the ideal style and design to elevate your saree look.

Purple Short Puff Sleeve Saree Blouse

This purple puff-sleeve blouse with a simple round neck and sequin embellishments on the sleeve and border is pretty and elegant. Perfect to pair with a soft silk saree for festive or religious ceremonies.

Ideal fabric: Silk or Cotton silk

Purple color shorthand puff blouse design
image: @instagram/delnadavis

Orange Bridal Puff Blouse Designs for Silk Saree

This orange silk puff blouse with intricate embroidery on the border is truly mesmerizing! The blouse is perfect for the bride and bridesmaid who looking to add traditional elegance to their wedding silk saree.

Ideal fabric: Fine or raw silk

elbow length orange silk puff sleeve blouse design
image: @Instagram/Teju Ashwini

Short Sleeve Green Silk Saree Puff Blouse

To add a refreshing charm to your favorite silk saree, opt for this elegant puffy-sleeve blouse design. It is perfect to pair with Banaras, brocade, or soft silk sarees for a polished and elegant look.

Ideal fabric: Soft silk

half sleeve mehandi green puff blouse design paired with matching silk saree
image: @pinterest

Trendy Puff Blouse Design for Banarasi Saree

If you are tired of wearing the same boring blouse designs and looking for some fresh and new puff patterns then stay tuned, we have got you a most beautiful and elegant peacock green blouse that looks great with any designer silk saree.

The unique puff sleeve adds drama and flair to the blouse, while the high neckline gives a regal touch to the overall look. It is perfect to pair with your favorite banarasi or Kanjeevaram silk saree and is sure to make you stand out at any event.

Ideal fabric: Mashru silk

green satin polished puff blouse design with purple saree
Image source: shimaijayachandra

Brocade Half Sleeve Puff Design

Create a style statement with this stunning brocade half-sleeve puff blouse design by Tarun Tahiliani. It is perfect to pair with a soft shimmer saree for any occasion.

Ideal fabric: Brocade silk

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brocade grey half sleeve puff blouse design with grey shimmer saree
image: @Instagram/taruntahiliani

Pleated Puff Sleeve Blouse for Cotton Saree

The pleated puff blouse gives your saree a unique and trendy look. You can pair this stunning blouse with a cotton or silk saree for any occasion.

Ideal fabric: Cotton

cotton pleated puff sleeve blouse design
image: @Instagram/janani

Green Ikat Short Sleeve Puff Blouse for Pink Saree

If you are bored of wearing a plain puff sleeve blouse again and again, then no worries we got this amazing ikat print short-sleeve puff blouse that adds a modern twist to a traditional saree and is perfect to pair with a plain red, pink, yellow, and off-white silk saree for any Indian festive or religious occasion.

Ideal fabric: Printed silk ikat

green ikat short sleeve puff blouse paired with pink saree
image: @pinterest

Elbow Sleeve Pleated Puff Blouse for Silk Saree

This beautiful red blouse with a pleated puff and border design adds allure to the silk saree. To give your favorite silk saree a unique and classy touch, you can surely go with this design and make heads turn.

Ideal fabric: Silk

red pleated puff blouse paired with red silk saree.
image: @instagram/aishwaryalaxmiii

Purple Small Sleeve Puff Blouse Design

Those who are looking for a short sleeve blouse can take a cue from this lovely purple blouse pattern. It features a simple round neckline and small puff sleeves ideal to pair with a simple contrast silk saree for any occasion.

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short sleeve purple puff blouse paired with green silk saree
image: @instagram/madhuri

Elbow Sleeve Puff Blouse for Chiffon Saree

Beautiful actress Sneha looks stunning in a traditional red saree with an off-white bordered puff hand blouse and accessorized the outfit with traditional gold jewelry. The red-gold combined Zari border on the sleeve gave it a traditional and sophisticated look and complemented the saree perfectly.

Ideal fabric: Silk 

off-white silk puff hand blouse design
image: @instagram/Sneha

Magenta Embroidered Long Puff Sleeve Blouse

This magenta embroidered full-sleeve puff blouse is great to pair with gold silk (Tussar, Chanderi), tissue, or organza saree. The blouse has a high neckline and long puff sleeves with stunning gold zardozi embroidery, elevating the overall look. It is a perfect pick for weddings and festive occasions.

Ideal fabric: Raw silk 

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maroon embroidered full-sleeve puff blouse design
image: @pinterest

Short Sleeve Puff Blouse for Blue Silk Saree

For women looking for a simple and elegant puff blouse design to complement their saree, this classic green-blue combination blouse pattern is a great choice! It features a simple round neckline and sheer puff sleeves with a Zari border. It is an ideal choice for those who love a minimal yet stylish look.

The unique about this blouse is its two colors combination, adding a touch of refresh and sophistication to the overall outfit. The sleeves made of organza fabric give it a modern twist while the traditional Zari border accentuates its beauty and elegance. It is an ideal option for both casual and formal occasions and goes well with different types of sarees, whether they are prints or solid colors.

Ideal fabric: Silk, For sleeves- Organza material

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blue color simple half puff hand blouse paired with blue saree
image: @instagram/ishiyer

Elbow Sleeve Antique Gold Puff Blouse

This exquisite antique gold silk blouse features stunning elbow-length zari border puff sleeves and a simple round neckline design. It makes a great combination to pair with contrasting color silk sarees such as blue, dark green, red, maroon, and pink for festive and wedding occasions.

elbow sleeve antique gold puff blouse design
image: @instagram/ggsfashionboutique

Pink Silk Puff Blouse Design for Bride

This pink puff-sleeve blouse is a perfect amalgamation of tradition and sophistication, perfect to pair with your favorite kanjeevaram silk saree for a wedding occasion. 

Ideal fabric: Silk 

pink puff kai blouse design for silk saree for wedding
image: @pinterest

Simple Puff Blouse Design for Pattu Saree

A green pattu saree with a blue blouse is a classic combination that creates a beautiful traditional look! The blouse’s high neck, elbow puff sleeve, and small gold printed motifs add a regal touch to the outfit. If you are searching for a simple puff-style blouse to pair with your pattu saree, take a cue from this blouse and make a statement at any traditional Event.

Ideal fabric: Fine silk 

purple simple puff blouse design
image: @pinterest

Full Sleeve Gold Tissue Silk Puff Hand Blouse

Yet another elegant piece that every woman needs in her wardrobe is a gold blouse. It is a versatile piece that can be matched effortlessly with a variety of saree, whether it is cotton, silk, or blended. No matter what the occasion, you can pair this blouse with almost any type of saree to create a stunning look for any occasion.

full sleeve tissue gold puff sleeve blouse designs
image: @instagram/priyankasanthosh

Green Half Sleeve Puff Blouse for Cotton Silk Saree

The green puff blouse looks great with pink sarees. You can also pair this blouse with soft orange, yellow, or gold-hued silk or cotton sarees. 

Ideal fabric: Silk, Cotton, or Cotton silk

green colored elbow length puff sleeve saree blouse
image: @instagram/delnadavis

Mustard Puff Hand Blouse for Pink Silk Saree

This mustard silk puff blouse with an elongated red zari border is elegant and looks beautiful when paired with a red or pink silk saree. It gives your ensemble a traditional look and is perfect for traditional festive or wedding events.

Ideal fabric: Silk or cotton silk

elbow sleeve mustard silk puff blouse paired with pink saree
image: instagram/thivakar_photo

Simple Red Puff Sleeve Blouse Design

This red blouse with its simple brocade puff sleeves is very elegant and perfectly complements the white silk saree. One can also pair it up with a yellow, gold, or pista green silk saree and accessorize with a simple gold necklace and earrings for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Ideal fabric: Bodice: Cotton silk, Sleeve: Brocade

red brocade puff hand blouse design for simple saree
image: @pinterest

Traditional Puff Blouse for Green Silk Saree

This green small puff sleeve blouse with an elegant round neckline creates a stunning and classy look and makes it an ideal choice to pair with traditional silk sarees for weddings or festive occasions.

Ideal fabric: Soft silk 

short sleeve puff blouse design for dark green silk saree
image: @instagram/velvetboxby

Elbow Sleeve Royal Blue Brocade Silk Puff Blouse

A brocade puff blouse can seamlessly make any saree look rich and elegant. The pattern and luxurious texture add opulence to your traditional attire, while the puff pattern brings volume and grace to your look. Whether it’s a wedding or a festive celebration, this combination will make you stand out and make your saree look stunning. Embrace the beauty of brocade and puff sleeves to dazzle wherever you go.

Ideal fabric: Brocade silk 

royal blue elbow sleeve brocade puff blouse design
image: instagram/warpnweftbysagrikarai

Short Sleeve Puff Blouse for Bridal Red Silk Saree

If you are a bride or bridesmaid looking for a traditional puff blouse for a pattu saree, take inspiration from this red blouse design which features a gold-zari border sleeve and a simple round neck embellished with thin border work, making it an ideal choice to pair with traditional kanjeevaram silk saree for wedding occasion.

Ideal fabric: Fine ilk 

Red color Zari border puff blouse design for silk saree
image: @pinterest

Green Embroidered Puff Style Blouse for Lehenga Saree

This green puff blouse with an eye-catching sleeve and neckline is very elegant and feminine. It has an elegant neck and sleeves, embellished with gold scalloped borderwork adding an extra touch of elegance. The small motifs all over the blouse give it a perfect finishing touch. It is a perfect designer piece to pair with a contrasting pink lehenga saree for any traditional event.

Ideal fabric: Raw or Dupion silk 

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parrot green puff blouse design with pink lehenga saree
image: @Instagram/anjushankarofficial

Half Puff Sleeve Blouse for Soft Silk Saree

A red puff blouse with elegant back neck embroidery and tassels on the sleeve looks great with light or pastel-colored sarees. If you are looking for a blouse to pair with a light-colored silk saree, take a cue from this elegant designer piece.

Ideal fabric: Soft silk

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red color puff sleeve blouse paired with white silk saree
image: @Instagram/aditiprabhudeva

Short Sleeve Puff Blouse for Green Silk Saree

If you are searching for a light puff sleeve blouse to pair with a traditional silk saree, take a cue from this lovely blouse design. It features a simple square neckline and short puffed sleeves paired with a green Zari-bordered silk saree.

Pink color small puff hand saree blouse

Pink Puff Hand Blouse for Yellow Silk Saree

This pink puff hand blouse design is unique and adds a refreshing touch to a traditional outfit. If you are searching for the latest blouse to pair with a soft silk saree, this design is an ideal choice that is sure to make head turns on any occasion. The pink puff blouses go well with yellow, off-white, green, and blue silk saree.

Ideal fabric: Fine silk

3/4th Sleeve puff hand blouse designs for yellow silk saree

Green Brocade Silk Puff Blouse Design

A brocade blouse with puff sleeves perfectly adds grace and luxury to any saree with multifold. You can opt for a short or half-sleeve blouse to complement your favorite plain or simple silk saree for any occasion.

Ideal fabric: Brocade silk

short sleeve green brocade puff blouse paired with red saree
image: @instagram/priyankasanthosh

Light Purple Puff Saree Blouse Design

Graceful and charming, this light purple blouse makes any saree look outstanding. It features organza puff sleeves embellished with a beautiful border and a round neckline ornated with gold borderwork giving a perfect finish look to the blouse. It is great to pair with a light or pastel-hued silk saree for a wedding or other traditional occasion.

light purple puff kai blouse for pastel silk saree
image: @instagram/amorabybindureddy

Rani Pink Puff Blouse for Purple Silk Saree

To make your traditional blue or green silk saree look more elegant and classy you can go with a simple puff blouse with a simple U or round neck and a rich zari-border sleeve and look apart from the crowd.

rani pink bridal puff sleeve blouse design for purple silk saree

Elbow Sleeve Blue Puff Blouse for Pattu Lehenga Saree

This blue blouse looks very elegant and traditional and is perfect to pair with a matching or contrasting silk lehenga saree for any grand occasion.

The blouse has stylish puff sleeves with a cross-over embroidered border which gives it a unique and stylish look and a round neck adorned with borderwork makes it a standout designer piece. 

Ideal fabric: Fine silk 

elbow length blue lehenga saree puff blouse design

Green Puff Hand Blouse for Silk Lehenga Saree

This green puff blouse is embellished with hand-crafted details of luxury designs and delicate threadwork. The thread color of the blouse perfectly complements the border of the saree drape, creating a pleasant and elegant look. The unique embroidery and color combination makes it stand out and turn heads wherever you go.

Ideal fabric: Soft or Fine silk

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green embroidered puff sleeves blouse
image: @vijayeesamandco

White Silk Puff Sleeve Blouse for Saree

If you are looking for a blouse to complement a white silk saree, take inspiration from this lovely short sleeve puff blouse, enhancing the charm of the saree. It is a perfect choice for traditional or religious occasions.

Ideal fabric: Silk or Chanderi silk

small sleeve white puff blouse design
image: @instagram/priyankasanthosh

Green Cotton Silk Puff Saree Blouse

A green blouse with short puffy sleeves makes a great match for a contrasting silk saree. It makes an ideal choice to pair with a black, brown, blue, or pink cotton or silk saree for any simple or traditional occasion.

Ideal fabric: Silk or Cotton silk


short sleeve green cotton silk saree puff blouse design
image: @pinterest

Dark Blue Silk Cotton Puff Blouse for Lehenga Saree

If you are looking for a blouse to pair with a georgette or soft casual sarees, look no further! We got this simple yet elegant puff pattern blouse, which perfectly complements the green saree. You can opt for this design for any simple or casual occasion.

Ideal fabric: Cotton silk

half sleeve purple-blue silk cotton puff blouse
image: @pinterest