15+ Latest and Modern Puff Blouse Back Neck Designs (2024)

Puff sleeve blouses are always in trend, and they continue to evolve with new styles and patterns to match modern fashion requirements. In this post, we have gathered some most beautiful and trendy puff blouse back neck designs which will help you to choose the right design and style for your outfit. So, keep Browing and find perfect back neck blouse design patterns.

Pink Puff Blouse with Round Back Neck and Dori Tassels

pink puff blouse back neck design
image: @pinterest

Maroon Puff Blouse with Back Hook Design

maroon net puff blouse with back hook design
Image: @instagram/qbysoniabaderia

Cross Dori Style Back Neck Puff Hand Blouse Design

green puff blouse back design for cotton saree
Image: @pinterest

High Neck Back Design for Puff Sleeve Blouse

black embroidered puff blouse with high back neck design
Image: @instgram/labelvarsharao

Bucket Neck Puff Blouse Design with Dori Tying

mustard organza puff blouse back design
Image: @instagram/jjvalaya

Square Back Neck Puff Blouse Design

green cotton puff blouse with square back nek design
Image: @pinterest

U-Shape Back Neck Puff Blouse with Scalloped Lace Design

Elbow sleeved broad square neck puff blouse with scalloped lace design
Image: @instagram/ishithaa_design

Simple U-Shape Back Neck Puff Blouse with Dori Tying

pink color puff blouse with U-Shape Back Neck Design
Image: @pinterest

Simple Round Back Design with Dori Tying

Yellow Round Back puff blouse with dori tying.
Image: @pinterest

Round Puff Blouse Back Design for Printed Saree

polka printed full sleeve puff blouse back design.
Image: @azafashion

Printed Puff Blouse Back Design with Back Hook

peach printed puff blouse design with back hook button
Image: @instagram/pernia-pop-up

High Neck Puff Blouse With Back Potli Button

brown puff blouse with high back neck adorned with potli button
Image: @instagram/jjvalaya

Unique Back Neck for Elbow Sleeve Puff Blouse

puff blouse back design
Image: @Jaqueline

Stylish Back Neck Design for Puff Blouse

elbow sleeved orange puff blouse with stylish back neck
Image: @instagram/studio149

Modern puff Blouse with High Back Neck

off-white puff blouse with high back neck design
Image: @instagram/azafashion

Off-shoulder Puff Blouse Backside Design

peach color off-shoulder puff blouse backside Design
Image: @instagram/azafashion