9 Best Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas at home 2023

Some of the attractive Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas to celebrate the Ganesh festival with great joy and happiness in 2023.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: Ganesh Chaturthi is a popular Hindu festival celebrated annually to mark the birth of Lord Ganesh. The festival is celebrated with great joy over the duration of 3-11 days thought out the nation.

The Ganesh festival is approaching soon, and if you are looking for the best ideas to decorate the house for Ganesh festival, here we bring you some easy, simple yet elegant Ganesh Chaturthi decoration ideas at home.

Flowers for Ganesh Chaturthi deocoration

Flowers and floral torans is an impressive and attention grabbing Ganesh Chaturthi decoration at home. Flowers gives pleasant look and add festive spirit to your home. You can use any flowers like marigold, rose to decorate mandap for Lord Ganesh or you can also use any other yellow and red flowers for the decoration, which are easily available in market during festive season.

  • You can use these flower strings as backdrop for Ganesh idol.
  • Make attractive pattern by hanging them vertically around the Lord Ganesh idol.
  • You can make attractive scalloped pattern using colourful flower torans  and create beautiful mandap for Lord Ganesh

Drapes - Ganesh Chaturthi decoration

Drapes will always be the ideal decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi. You can use some colorful fabrics like dupattas, saree to make scalloped curtains behind the Ganesh idol or you can also hang them vertically in a square pattern to create a beautiful mandap for the lord Ganesh idol and decorate with colorful lights, flowers, etc.


Green Leaves-Ganesh Chaturthi decoration

Go-green with green leaves for Ganesh festival decoration. You can use peepal leaves, banana plants in decorating mandap for Lord Ganesh. Banana leaves are most popular in decorating mandap for Lord Ganesh at home.

You can also make use of some indoor plants to decorate the area surrounding the Lord Ganesh idol and in this way celebrate the eco-friendly Ganesh festival. This also helps in creating a fresh atmosphere at home.


Beautiful Ganesh makhars

Makhars makes great idea for Ganesh Chaturthi decoration. This is an great option for the people who cannot make these easy and creative decoration, they can opt for ready made makhars which are made with thermocol or flowers and are easy to install at home and give the perfect backdrop for your Lord Ganesh idol. These are easily available in market during festive season. Accessorising this makhar with some colouful flowers, fairy lights will give magnificent effects and make your Lord Ganesh decoration outstanding.

If you are creative and pretty well in handcraft you can make your own creative makhars in less time using thermocol, cardboard or flowers and embellish with some colorful lights and flowers to make it look attractive.

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Lotus theme - Ganesh Chaturthi decoration

Lotus theme is another great idea for Ganesh Chaturthi decoration. You can use lotus as an Asana for Lord Ganesh, these lotus Asanas you can handcraft at home by using green leaves or artificial colourful papers or you can also buy readymade Asanas from market and place Lord Ganesh Idol on it and decorate it with some small flower strings.


DIY’s for Ganesh Chaturthi decoration

DIY is a great idea for Ganesh Chaturthi decoration. Here we bring you some easy tips to decorate Lord Ganesh mandap or pooja room.

Handmade flower hangings as backdrop for Ganesh idol

Material required :

  • Embroidery hoop or wooden ring
  • Artificial flowers.
  • LED lights
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric glue

Decorate the wooden rings with flowers and LED lights as shown in the below picture and use it as a backdrop for your Ganesh idol. For making procedure refer to the video below.


Lotus Asana for ganesh idol

Material required :

  • Shimmer paper or colored drawing sheets
  • Plastic basket for lotus base
  • scissor
  • Glue

For making this beautiful Lotus Asana refer to the video below.

Colorful pots

material required :

  • Mud pot
  • Metallic gold paint
  • Paint brush

These beautiful spray painted pots enhances the entire look of Lord  Ganesh decoration


Paper peen-wheels decoration

Decorate the back wall of Lord Ganesh’s idol with handmade colorful paper peen-wheels. These paper-peen wheels are easy to make at home, which adds colourful attractive effects to the decoration.


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